Making your own ribbon rolls

ribbon rolls

Fabric ribbon rolls

I never liked the standard ribbon cardboard rolls, I had to create a more aesthetic version. It take a little time, but the final result is much pleasant to the eye !

Materials needed :

grey or white strong cardboard 0.25 cm thick

White Bristol paper 250gr

Recycling a roll for the inside of aluminum rolls

Fabric scraps, left overs

ribbon left overs

White glue


cardboard rolls

Cardboard rolls

Instructions for one roll:

  • Cut 2 discs out of the grey or white cardboard to the size wanted. Mine are 9.5 cm diameter. cut out the inside openning to the size of the external width of the cardboard roll.
  • Cut 2 discs out of the Bristol paper. Cut out the inside opening of the disc same size as above.
  • Cut one slice of the cardboard roll for the aluminum paper.3.5 cm wide
  • Cut 4 pieces of fabric from left over fabric to the size of the discs adding 1 cm around it for fold over. Make small cut all around of maximum one centimeter long for the fabric to easily fold over.
  • Glue the fabric on one  of the side of the two cardboard discs and on one side of the two Bristol discs. Centering them on the fabric.
  • Glue end fold over the extra fabric on the other side of the discs.
  • Cut slices (like pizza slices) on the fabric on the center of the discs. Fold and glue Only on the bristol discs
  • Glue the bristol discs with the fabric on the other side of each one of the cardboard disks. The fabric showing on each side.
  • Cut a strip of fabric slightly smaller in width (0.25 cm on each side) than the roll of cardboard.
  • Glue and insert the cardboard roll in the center of each disc. Glue the fabric slices that you previously cut in the inside of the cardboard rolls.
  • Cover with a piece of decorative ribbon on each side of the inside cardboard rolls.
  • Glue the fabric strap on the apparent cardboard roll between the two discs.

ribbon rolls

enjoy !


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