Polka dots event, end of year school party idea

polka dots 10

One year ago, I discovered Artist Yayoi Kusama’s work, and her Polka dots Obliteration room in particular. I was fascinated !

Kusma’s obilteration room at the Tate Gallery /

Since then, her creative project has been with me waiting for the moment to experience it together with others. It came up to me that the end of the year party with my students children and adults and their family was a great opportunity to put into action this project.

I choose a few elements from my environment : The garden wooden fence. a chair, the studio working table and a flower planter. I painted them in white bought lots of stickers and invited my students and family to the party. It was for them a surprise, they did not know what common project we would be creating.

As they came in, they watched the movie of Kusama’s work, the fascination could be read on their face. They where given stickers and started to create.

In the beginning …

polkadots 1polka dots 9polka dots 5

polka dots 15

Getting into it …

It was easy and fun, they slowly became addicted to sticking the polka dots, one after the other in a repetitive manner. Conversation started between them without stopping sticking. Their was a fascination for the movement in the work, every dot that was added changed the whole picture, creating a new one. It brought into the adults the joy of playfulness, during two hours they glue sticker with passion and smiles.

polka dots 3

polka dots 4polka dots 8polka dots 11

polka dots 17

After two hours…

The roundness of polka dots is familiar, known to each one of us. It immediately brings sympathy to the element, with a feeling of being at home in a known environment.

The experience was friendly and warm, colorful and creative.

polka dots 14

polka dots 13

polka dots 16

polka dots 2

polka dots 19

polka dots 18

polka dots party

polka dots 6polka dots 7polka dots fence

Thank you Yayoi Kusama for your profound inspiration. 

Prologue :

Yayoi Kusama is an impressive and important artist with a different approach to life. I invite you discover her work with interest. I will share a few links to her works.

Short documentary about the artist :


Gleaming light of the souls :


3 thoughts on “Polka dots event, end of year school party idea

  1. bravo. C’est super gai et inventif. J’espre que tu as du succs avec tes ides. Bisous. Papa Le 13 oct. 2013 10:21, Stephanie Harari a crit :

    > >

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