Star paper toilet lampshade

The Star Lampshade voyage…

Two month ago, after playing with paper toilet rolls, it was clear that I was going to make a lampshade out of this easy and creative material. I started playing around and building geometrical shapes,flowers and stars. Empty Paper toilets rolls came flowing in the house, everybody around me sent to me his home collection of rolls. It’s a very available material !!

I traveled to Tel-Aviv to look for an artisan that makes metal lampshade frames. After a few detours I came upon a small workshop in florentine, covered with all kinds of metal frames on one side and bird cages full of beautiful birds on the other side. In the workshop,  I met an old fashion artisan, Elias Erezkiel, creating day after day lampshades and taking care of his birds with passion. He had a happy face and a warm welcome, happy to share his work ans his passion with the customer. I left the store with a smile on my face, happy about this generous encounter.

As I walk around in Tel-Aviv with my lampshades people kept stopping me, asking me where did I find these lampshades and telling me about their projects creating lampshades themselves. And every time I was most then happy to take the artisan’s business card out and share with them his address and warmly recommend the visit to the workshop. I had a great day, that day in Tel-Aviv.

Back in my studio, I wrapped the lamp frame with natural rope, using white glue to fix it. The wrapping was a therapia in itself , soothing through the repetitive movement.

The paper flowers were made out of rolls of toilet paper that I flatten and cut in slices. Then I fix the slices with staples. After a few trials, I was set on the geometrical shapes of the lampshade and started mounting the shapes on the lamp frame, fixing the with hot glue.

I was so anxious to see how it looked with lite up, that I connected it to the ceiling and watched with marvel at the stars that appeared on the ceiling.


star lampshade

But still, some thing was missing. A feminine touch. I took the lampshade down, let it rest for a while until I understood what I wanted to add. Cristals beads in the middle of the flowers, to catch the light and bring a soft transparency to the light. And gold, delicate gold beads that would bring femininity to the flowers and to the lampe shade as a whole.

Then, it was ready, ready to go back to the ceiling, lighting up my home entrance in a warm and magic welcome.

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