The Teddy bear family

teddybear family

Noga S., Noga R. and Yasmin, from third and forth grade, sewed those happy teddy bears during our sewing class. Each teddy bear, with his own personality ! Slowly, as the teddy bear came to shape, the girls gave him life, a name, a voice and a character of it’s own. The teddy bears started interacting, sharing stories all the while noga, noga and yasmin sewed them clothes. They became a happy family.

The day this family picture was taken, their was a lot of excitement in the studio ! And as you can see on the picture, the teddy bears willingly shared their joy of being part of the family.

Thank-you Noga S., Noga R and Yasmin.

This project was inspired by a wonderful book, I highly recommend :

Quilt & Sew Country Style, Anne- Pia Godske Rasmussen

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