Paper Butterfly mobile

butterfly 3

Last year, for Tu bishvat, I was looking for a light poetic atmosphere. Tali Buchler’sbutterflies inspired me. I created with the children a paper Butterfly mobile. It’s a very feminine mobile, poetic and full of charm. I know wish to create a huge butterfly in my house hanging between the two floors of the house, I have an open space just waiting for the flying butterflies.

How to create this butterfly mobile


A nice tree branch, the diameter of a broom stick

Recycled News Paper, Magazine paper, or colorful paper

Thin wire

Nylon thread

Hot glue

Beads (plastic or glass or wood) the size of a marble


  1. Cut paper squares of different sizes, from 5×5 cm to 15×15 cm
  2. Creating the paper butterfly :
  • Start from one corner of the paper square and fold it in accordion all the way through. The thinner the folds, the more delicate looking the butterfly.
  • Open the square to see the folds. Cut one fold under the middle fold.
  • Bring the two corners one in front of the other. At this point you can round the edges of the butterfly by cutting the edges in a circular shape. I did this with my butterflies, it gives a softer look.
  • Fold them on the outside.
  • Join the two pieces with a thin wire. I used gold colored wire. Then you can shape the antennas as you like. Spiral Shapes… It gives a very feminine touch.

3. Glue the Paper butterflies on the fishing wire with a small drop of hot glue on the middle of the folding of the butterly.
4. Knot the Nylon threads with the butterflies around the wooden stick.

5. Add a bead on the other end of the thread, to pull the thread down and straighten the butterflies. The are light, so they tend to bend horizontally.


2 thoughts on “Paper Butterfly mobile

  1. Bravo. Tu as un vrai talent. Maman et moi sommes trs fiers de toi. Bisous. Papa Le 29 oct. 2013 14:48, Stephanie Harari a crit :

    > >

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