The story of a creative lab for children

The creative lab

Last week I started teaching a new class for children, the creative lab, and here is it’s story.

It all started from observing children creating during my sewing classes and summer camps. Every child has his own approach to the creative process, adding his own personal touch, taste, skill, personality, it’s a intimate dialogue between his inner self, the environment and his personal experience as a creative being. I enjoy observing with respect and curiosity, the children creating , discovering a rich world of subtle variation between every children.

And every time at new,  I would meet a few children that had a very different approach to creating.

For these children, the creative project or environment was just the trigger and not a goal. Through their meeting with a project their creative mind would open the door to a wide and endless variety of ideas and desires to explore beyond the project itself. They enjoyed exploring materials, combining Technics or inventing there own Technics. These children would have an exploratory approach to creating. Every thing seemed possible to realize, to bring to life if one would just not disturb the process.

Sometimes I would feel that my classes, as they were build, would not always enable this endless exploration. I could see and feel that the starting point  of creativity for these children was an absolute freedom of movement in the creative process, all doors open and an environment that enables a wide angle. The creative lab environment was created to enable the children to experience their free flowing creative process. 

First Meeting : Exploring Toilet paper rolls

toilet paper rolls



star 3

For inspiration

cardboard work

For inspiration

Our first meeting takes place, I am excited and looking forward to it because I know it is going to be an enriching creative journey for all of us, together.

The young students, boys and girls, sit around the table with curiosity, scanning the environment trying to “understand” what it’s all about. I explain my idea behind the class, this ongoing free creative exploration. That each time they will get more familiar with the studio and what it has to offer as materials, Technics, inspiration… At the beginning the atmosphere is reserved, the don’t quite understand yet what it’s all about but they listen patiently.

For this first meeting I chose to have them explore paper toilet rolls and it’s graphic, construction side. The young student start exploring the material, getting familiar with it’s property. The atmosphere is still quiet, serious, with all the shyness of a fist meeting.

creative lab 1

creative lab 8


As we go along I start asking them questions, what is each one of them interesting in learning, exploring, creating. I start drawing a list,

Learning to use the sewing machine 

Create small characters and building their environement

Work with wood, carve wood



Anything that has to do with threads


The students starting opening up, asking questions on what they could and could not do, slowly  understanding that they could create as they wished. At this point, the atmosphere suddenly changed, the students opened up at once, putting the paper toilet exploration on the side and connecting with what they really wanted to do at this moment. Smiles and laughs filled the studio, they interacted between them, sharing their creative passions. Their was a happy and creative atmosphere in the Studio : Small pillows where hand sewn small characters  Macrame and knitting came into the flow, a beautiful origami flower appeared on the studio table… Each one brought to the whole it’s personal touch with self confidence and presence, each one was inspired by the work and creative knowledge of the other. A creative dialogue was underway…

creative lab 4


creative lab 5


creative lab 2


crative lab 3


creative lab 6


paper flower

Origami paper Flower

creative lab 7

 A First Meeting

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