Creating in the studio, October 2013

The craft and sewing classes have started in the Studio where Children, adolescents and adults, creatively intertwine. In a creative and joyful atmosphere, students share their love of working with their hands, discovering new Technics, inspiring each other and sharing life experiences with friendliness.

These are their creations ,

Children create

children create bags

Maya and Satia

maya's bag 1

satia's bag 2

felt mobile


ema's dog




pencil case

Hadar, Maya, Tamar

noy's purse




children create

Noa, Maya and Noy

noa's pyjama

noy's skirt2

children restore bed lamps

Children transforming their bed lamps, (in the works…)

Adult create

Ayelet's bag

crochet basketfabric baskets

fabric baskets 2

adulte's create

lampe restauration in the works

Lamp restoration in the works…

shiran's bag

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