Butterfly lampshade

butterfly lamp 6

I just love creating lampshades ! For my friend Avital’s birthday, I created a butterfly lampshade and I enjoyed every minute of it !

It all started in my studio. A screening look around the studio, I checked what materials where at hand.

  • A Japanese paper lampshade was patiently laying in the corner for the room waiting to be given life too.
  • For a while I have been saving left overs of tracing paper from sketching patterns in my sewing classes. I like this paper, transparent, flexible, pleasant to draw on it, and I am always looking for further creations to do with it. I could see all the transparent butterflies dancing on the round lampshade.
  • I wanted to give it a warm and rich glow : Gold spray paint to be sprayed on the tracing paper.
  • After printing butterflies shapes, I had to find a way to trace the butterflies on the tracing paper, A thin gold marker.
  • The butterflies had to be free flowing. Just a thin string of transparent glue in the middle of the butterfly before landing them on the lampshade.

I also very much enjoy repetitive work, it’s meditative, peaceful, mind cleaning. So I moved around for a few days with my butterflies, in the studio, in the living room with the children around busy in their own activities, sharing stories. By the end, quite a few butterflies happily came to life and landed on the lampshade together, creating a subtle oneness.

butterfly lamp 5

Material needed :

  • Japanese paper lampshade
  • tracing paper
  • gold spray paint
  • Thin gold marker
  • scissors
  • butterfly templates
  • Glue : I used Twist and glue UHU glue

Creative steps :

  1. Spray Paint the Tracing paper in an irregular fashion. Let dry.
  2. Trace the butterflies from the butterflies template with a thin gold markerbutterfly templates
  3. cut the butterflies


4. Slowly glue the butterflies on the Japanese paper lampshade

butterfly lampbutterfly lamp 1

butterfly lamp 4

butterfly lamp 7

3 thoughts on “Butterfly lampshade

    1. hi charlotte, I do not quite remember. I would say more than 100 butterflies.They should be glued close on to the other. I am curious to see how does it look with a stamp and golden ink. It would be great for you to share a picture of you finished lampshade. Enjoy.

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