Orit’s Flower Lamp transformation

flower lamp 7

This beautifull flower lamp was created by Orit in the Studio. On morning, Orit came into the studio brought her new project in for our craft classes, A simple Ikea floor lamp that really needed transformation !

flower lamp before copy

This the lamp before transformation.

We started looking around for inspiration and two direction came up :

The gorgeous rope work of Christian Astuguevieille and the paper flower lampshade of Radiance store.

golden rope chair

flower lampshade

Orit started designing her lamp and one by one we would solve the technical challenges. The process was pleasant and went smoothly. Orit started sinking patiently in the creation that requested slow and precise repetitive hand work, raping the rope and creating the paper flower petals. Orit’s work reflects the peacefulness that she placed in the creative process.

adulte's create

Orit starting to rope wrap  the lamp

flower lamp 5

rope wrapping with with white glue

flower lamp 4

Planning the flowers

flower lamp 2

The first flower is ready. We used hand made paper from Tut Near

flower lamp 3

In the process

flower lamp 8

Adding the roping to the paper flower

flower lamp 9

The second flower, pink paper

flower lamp 6Amazing !

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