Orit shares her story, the lamp transformation

flower lamp 7

flower lamp before copyadulte's create

The Ikea floor lamp has been standing in our living room for a very long time. Board and dull, lonely and sad with its white plastic tint.

Ever since I have been lucky enough to meet Stephanie, I knew that one day I‘d do something with this old lamp. But it’s easier to say you will do something than to actually do it… and for myself, in particular, I tend to take things sluggishly and have them slowly “brew.”

Then, one sunny morning, without any warning, just before I headed out the door to my weekly Stephanie class, I decided to do it! I grabbed the lamp, “crammed” it into my tiny car (not a simple task…) and drove with it to Stephanie..

I walked into the studio with my “new best friend” and announced to everyone that this is my new project!!

Dear Stephanie was full of enthusiasm… It was only recently that I’ve learned that her favorite thing in the whole world is making…lamps!!

In our studio’s tradition, all the girls were part of the thinking process, everyone came up with ideas and there was a general feeling of family happiness.

We have made the decision to use the rope wrapping technique quite rapidly..however, we thought a lot about the lampshades… but when I saw the flower lampshade by Radiance, I was so happy and so excited that I knew I had found what I was looking for.

I began wrapping and wrapping and wrapping… soon enough I was wrapped with white glue and with happiness!

During this time, Stephanie had started learning all the technical aspects of creating the petals. We have tried different diameters of wire until we found the ideal and available diameter for making the petals’ frame. Then, we tried different types of papers; we visited in the Tut Neyar Workshop and have found the right paper and learned the technique for gluing the paper to its wire frame.

In this way, Stephanie and I have set out on a journey together. There were times I needed to take a break from the process, but Stephanie kept encouraging me and pushed me to finish… My studio friends were also encouraging and supportive!

After a few first petals, I became a “pro” and the rest of the petals were created faster… “Practice makes perfect.”

And then, after many hours of rope wrapping; tons of white glue I pulled off (with much pleasure) the palms of my hands (it’s best to glue with your fingers rather than with a brush); an “undisclosed” number of torn petals;sever brainstorming over the petals’ color; a million coffee cups and brilliant breakfasts with the girls in studio; and even putting the lamp on its “head” to cope with gravity (I just couldn’t find the gravity “off” button..) I have made it to the finish line.

It’s hard to describe the joy of completing this project! The reactions I get from people who see it ready and from those who saw the before and after and the ones that were involved in the process are amazing. Even my kids were so thrilled to see it done and couldn’t believe their mom had made it with her own two hands…

Thank you, Stephanie, for the window you have opened for me to your magnificent world!

For explanation about the creative process, press here.

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