The snow scarf, the story behind creating a project.

snow scarf 2

I called this crochet the snow scarf from the beginning. The wool I choose for it, grey tones with silver sequences, reminded me of the low and heavy grey clouds announcing the snow followed by the glitter of the sun beaming on the snow. So It was, the snow scarf.

But above all, this scarf holds a story: the way to creating a project.

I started this scarf more than a month ago full of enthusiasm, the pattern looked great and interesting to learn and I loved this grey color combination. On a rainy week-end, I sat in the living room and started knitting. I learned the pattern but there was something about this pattern that didn’t run smoothly. The multiple threads would get intertwined and I could not seem to get into the repetitive mode of knitting that I like so much. I was disappointed, this was not exactly what I had imagined would happen when I got started. I stopped knitting before I understood the automatic cycle of the pattern.

The beginning of the beautiful scarf (because it was really beautiful) stayed lying on the side in the living room. I could see it every day,  reminding myself to finish the scarf, but I was not attracted. The first thing that would come up to my mind was that it was not fun knitting this scarf and complicated. This point became my main focus. Then of course came the self blaming about not finishing the project. More than a month went by.

This week-end, I asked myself what do I would I want to do most ? What I wanted most, was sitting around and knit this scarf because it was so beautiful and I wanted to wear it. The initial enthusiasm for the scarf came back to the front of the scene. And so it was. I sat and knitted the scarf and it came along easily. The threads continued intertwining but it didn’t seem to bother me so much. I got the pattern running, and I asked myself why did I think it was complicated in the first place because it wasn’t.  After a few hours, I finished the scarf, with enjoyment,  satisfied and full of wholeness.

When I look back to the whole process, I understood two things :

  • That the small obstacles I met on my way to creating the scarf became the main story I told myself and believed in. Loosing track of my initial wish of creating this snow scarf.
  • That when reconnecting to my initial wish, It became clear again that this was the main story. And as a consequence, the small obstacles diapered or became of no real importance.

Thank-you for the teaching. I look at my snow scarf and know she holds a lot of wisdom and beauty.

snow scarf 4

Tutorial : The snow scarf

This pattern is from the book  The New Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide, with 38 Modern Projects

scarf pattern


15 wool balls ( 100 % wool – 50gr – 50 m)

4 wool balls ( 51% wool, 49 % mohair – 50gr – 255 m)

Crochet No 10 (European size)

Sample size :

10 cm large = 13 stiches

10 cm high = 6 ranks

Scarf size : 33 cm large x 3m long. It’s a very large scarf

snow scarf 3

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