The book Wall

It all started, when I received a box of French books. I sorted the books I wanted to read, the rest I put aside to give away. In the meantime I bought a simple mirror to hang in the entrance of my new house. I wanted to create a frame for the mirror creative but not to complicated because the whole family was waiting for the mirror to be useful ! The mirror and the used book box where both laying, one next to the other, waiting for me to free time to take care of them. I don’t know what they said one to an other, but the idea came through me, let’s meet on the wall ! This is how this idea was born and immediately done.

The only change was that when it came to glue books I didn’t know and hadn’t read, if felt awkward. I wanted to work with my favorite book instead, for them to spread their atmosphere in the house. And so it was…

Tamar, my daughter


My daughter and I, started gluing the pages randomly with wallpaper glue. It was fun to do and discover dialogues and sentences from the books out of context.

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