Small friends – Felt miniature dolls

When I saw for the first time Amy’s friend, I fell  in love. My heart was touched by so much innocence and beauty , I could not forget her small friend. I slowly discovered her creative world full of charm and so aesthetic. I warmly recommend you to visit her blog ,

During our summer camp, we explored the world of tales, fairies and dwarfs and gnomes. A world full of imagination, fantasy and dreams that enable to recreate the world as it is really, as we have long forgotten.

I invited the children to create their own little friends following the inspiration of Amy’s friend. They created charming friends, each one with it’s own personality.

How did we make the felt miniature dolls ?

We kept it quite simple.


A bottle cork

Wooden bead

Wooden tooth pic

Felt and fabric


Colored pencil


Pipe cleaners


Glue the tooth pic in the wooden bead hole on one end and stick it in the cork on the other end. Cut it to size, for it to act as the neck of the doll.

Cut all the felt clothes : One piece to cover the cork. One piece for the cape. One piece for the hat.

Cut a piece of felt or fabric for the scarf. It will also cover the tooth pic neck.

Glue in place

Decorate the clothes and hat with beads or natural elements

Draw the face with color pencil. Some children preferred using markers.

For the feet, you can use pipe cleaners or covered wire.

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