Making a Store Sign

making a store sign


A few weeks ago, I opened a store in my Studio and created a store sign sharing the different activities that are taking place in my studio / house. I love having my activities, teaching studio, craft store and therapy, all in one place as I make no distinction in the creative process. I can happen at home, in the studio, in the garden as creativity is a state of mind…

I had a lot of fun creating this DIY store sign and will share with you the creative process.

The idea / vision

I wanted to share the idea that it all happens in one place, the symbol of the house being like a roof for inspiration. On a shelve in my outdoor work-space were lying cut plywood pieces, left overs from the Doll houses we build with the children during last summer camp. I love to recycle, re-transform so from this shape it all started. I drew a sketch of what came to my mind.

Vision - Making a store sign




These days, I am inspired by a light bohemian look / red  anemone flowers / lace / and wild flowers that currently flourish in Israel.

inspiration 2




I started organizing the space, painting with acrylic paint. For the details, I both used a thin paint brush and a paint marker.

Making a store sign 3Making a store sign 2making a store sign 4



For the lettering, I used a edding 750- Paint Marker

making a store sign 10 I wanted to add an other part for the Store Hours,

making a store sign 6


Writting the letter, I used a transfer technique. Going over the back of the letters with a pencil and sketching over them with a pencil.

making a store sign 8making a store sign 7Since I am hanging the store sign outside, I had to protect it with a yacht varnish. The problem I came up with is that the edding paint marker wipes off with the yacht varnish. So, I first spray water base varnish on the store sign and once it was dry I painted with the yacht vanish. It work perfect !

making a store sign 9

Hanging the store sign

Every thing was ready for hanging the store sign when I realized that the outside wall leading to the store was in very bad shape, and it did not look good.

painting the wall I decided to restore and paint the wall ! Now it looks much better !

making a store sign10

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