Crochet Flowers – Three colors

Flower crochet Tutorial

Crochet flowers are fun to make, quite easy and colorful.

As I knit, I play with colors. Each color has it’s feeling, energy, tells a story. I can choose to combine them in an instinctive way, just choosing the color I feel at this exact moment. Or I can choose color according to a preset understanding of color harmony.

What I have found with experience is that choosing color is a dialogue between myself and the essence of the color. No matter what combination of colors I choose to work with, the end result will always be surprising, unforeseen. And this is what I so much enjoy in the process, unveiling of my presence in making color choices and letting go of the end result. A creative journey…

There are many many different flower crochet tutorials on the internet, in Pinterset,and in books. I choose to share with you flowers I have knitted and enjoyed doing so.

This flower is inspired from the book : “granny folies a crocheter” from Cecile Franconie. A book I highly recommend for inspiration.

The three colored flower – Tutorial

flower crochet - 3 colors Flower pattern - 3 colors



Material :

No 3 or 3.5 Crochet needle

Cotton knitting yarn 50gr / 125 m

The flowers can be knitted with a wide variety of crochet needle and yarns,to one’s choice.

Explanations :

Start with a 6 chain ring and close

Round 1 : In the central ring,ch 3, 2 dc cluster, ch 1, then* knit one 3 dc cluster, ch 1* Repeat 5 times. Finish with a sl st in the 3rd stitch of the first dc with the new color.

Round 2 : sl st in the the ch stitch between the first and second cluster. ch 3, 2 dc cluster, ch 2, in the same space knit an other 3  dc cluster, ch 1. * In the next space, knit 3 dc cluster, ch 2, 3 dc cluster, ch 1* repeat 5 times. Finish with a sl st in the third stitch of the first dc, with your new color.

Round 3 : *knit 7 dc over the 2 ch space between the clusters, 1 sc over the following 1 ch space. * repeat 6 times. Finish with a sl st in 3 st of the first dc.

I am sharing a clear Cluster Tutorial that I found on You tube. Thank you Fave crafts for sharing.




2 thoughts on “Crochet Flowers – Three colors

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    This is Julia from FaveCrafts. Thanks so much for sharing our crochet video! I’m so glad you found it helpful. Your flowers are so beautiful – amazing job! Thanks again and have a great day!

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