The way to openning a Craft Store

Decopatch Store in the Studio

Two month have gone by since my last post ! It has been like a hibernation before major changes have took place in my creative life. During this period I fulfilled a long time dream of opening a craft store, an online store and starting importing and distributing a creative craft product : Decopatch in Israel.

I got to the point where I was ready to let go of my fears, understood they were not serving me anymore. They were just making sure I would not move forward. During this period of change, I was faithful to only one thing : My wish to fulfill my dream of opening a craft store online and offline.

While building my dream, I could hear those regular internal voices sharing the fears I had listenned to for too long. But this time I was aware of them and each time I choose at new not to give in to them. On the whole things went smoothly, doors oppenned where I never though it might be that easy to open them.I found out while developing this project that when reacting in an authomatic way you are not fully aware that the answers to your questions are given to you as you go along. You just tend not to hear them, or not believe it’s possible. In fact most time you know what to do, ideas come flowing through, and possibilities that need to be backed up, given energy to them. So this is the process I have been working with for the last few months :

Stick to the dream and keep it alive during the whole process ( This point is very important, because you always go through ups and downs, so when you understand you are in a down side, go back to the initial dream and bring it alive at new)

Be aware of the automatic habits and fears that make yougo round in circles

Welcome different ideas that you might have once thought impossible and increase your belief that all is possible.

One step at the time in a continuous manner to keep moving, evolving, learning and accomplishing.

And what have I accomplished during these past few month ?

  • Signed a exclusive distribution agreement with the French Company Decopatch to import and distribute in Israel their creative craft product. Incredible creative papers that enable you decorate all object in all materials from decorative papier mache animals to restoring furniture. It was made possible thanks to my brothers idea of organising a crowdfunding leverage to finance this first stock order. It was a great sucess thanks to all the people that contributed in making this dream happen. www.decopatch.comdecopatch paper
  • Openned a Store / Showroom in my studio to merchandise and sell creative craft supplies.
  • Openning an online Store reflecting the variety of activities that are taking place in the “creativity as a way of life” enterprise. Craft classe / DIY ideas and Tutorials / Creative crat products. creativityasawayoflife
  • Classes : Continuing teaching craft and sewing classes in the Studiodecopatch in the studioTvia's table
  • Blogs : Reactivating sharing the creative process and ideas on my two blogs (English and Hebrew)
  • And last : Developing a new project linked to my online store… In the works, when this project will be more advanced I will be sharing !

As you can see thing have been bubbling with creativity in the Studio for the last two month with much enjoyment, motivation, and excitement ! I hope you enjoy….




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