Launching Decopatch in Israel

For the first time, during the artist Festival in Benyamina, where I live and where my studio is, I launched the Decopatch collage papers and collection. It was a huge success !

Three days of the joy of creating. In a country side environment, children, families, adolescents and adults visited our booth. We had organized tables for a decopatch workshop. People chose what they where interested in decorating and just joined the workshop. Tables were full all day long, with a joyful creative atmosphere, people would communicate with one with the other, exchanging ideas and experiences. It was very much fun, and every one loved the Decopatch Product !

If you haven’t heard of the Decopatch paper, I strongly advise you to try them out and discover the ease and colorfulness their is in creating with them, were ever you are in the world. Enjoy…

חצרות היוצרים 2חצרות היוצרים 3חצרות היוצרים 4חצרות היוצרים 5חצרות היוצרים 6חצרות היוצרים 7חצרות היוצרים 8חצרות היוצרים 9חצרות היוצרים 10חצרות היוצרים 11חצרות היוצרים 12חצרות היוצרים 13חצרות היוצרים 14חצרות היוצרים 15חצרות היוצרים 16חצרות היוצרים 17 חצרות היוצרים 18

3 thoughts on “Launching Decopatch in Israel

  1. I too started exploring the possibilities of this decorative paper in my work as a collage artist and found it to be easy to work with and a creative way to enrich my work. Thanks Stephanie

    1. hello sophie,
      you can indead find the decopatch product in Israel. On our web site and in a few stores in the country. where do you live ? I will send you adresses. Our main store is situated in Benyamina.
      You can also call me for further information, Stephanie 052-6426654.
      Have a great day

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